How to approve Adsense account in these 10 ways

How to approve google Adsense account in these 10 ways If friends are you do blogging then you must know what is Google Adsense about Google Adsense? How does it work there? And how to earn money from this? But the problem is that Google Adsense is not able to get approval quickly if friends are not able to get you the approval of Google Adsense then you should read this post carefully. In this post, I will tell you how to get it from Google Adsense If you get the approval, then you should read this post carefully before the approval of Google Adsense was obtained very soon but as the number of such users increased. Google changed its privacy policy. Google Adsense is a network that provides advertisements for advertisements on our website and gives us the advertisements to advertise your website if you want to earn money from Google Adsense. Google Adsense is required to be approved, so in this post I am telling you how to permit the licenses. In these 10 ways you can get approve your google adsense

10 Ways to Get Google Adsense Approved -

1.use top level domain—
First went to the domain, but gradually Google Adsense changed its privacy policy. Now it can get a quick approval on the world top level domain, but some people use free domains, so that Google Adsense It takes a little time to get your domain name to be 6 months old and visitors must be 100+ in 1 day if your website is notified of all the rules of Google Adsense. pages—
Your website must have 5 site pages which must have a home page, contect us page, privancy policy page, about us page, desclaimer page, all your pages should link to any website so that it does not show a 404 error.
3.bloogger good set up—
The setup of your website should be very good, it needs to be nevigation menu bar, fast loading theme, user friendly, serch egine, mobile friendly, and remove unwanted widgets.
4.number of posts—
Your Google Adsense Access Request Depends On the number of posts that you have posted, the more posts you post, the faster your Google Adsense approval will be, some people can post a 2-4 post just by verifying the Google Adsense Approval You are required to write at least 10-15 posts, then you can apply for Google Adsense and you have to use non copyright image and at least use C to write a post, heading subheading, it is necessary to use the minerheading
5.age requirement 18+
Before you apply for Google AdSense, you need 18+ Age if you are not 18+ then you can create a Google Adsense account on your parents' name.
6.remove others adnetwork—
Before you apply for Google AdSense, you have to remove them from other end networks.
You must have a user experience if someone questions your question in your post and you do not answer that question, so Google does not want anyone to ask you questions and you do not answer
8.traffic source—
Google sees your traffic before the adsense if Google has not paid Google Adsense permission if you have any payment because Google AdSense does not allow paid traffic, only your organic traffic should come to your site.
9.verify your site—
Your website must be a google webmaster tool that will be quick to find in your website search
10.quality content—
There should be no copyright meterial on your site, if you put any copyright image video on your website, Google Adsense will not accept your approval.
 In this article, I have mentioned how we can approve our Google Adsense if you adopt these 10 ways, then your Google Adsense will be approved soon. Hope you enjoyed this post.