Today I am going to tell you how we can earn money online from androide mobile I will tell you 5 ways to earn money online from mobile. To earn money online, we should be able to come up with questions like this You also want to know how to earn money online, then read this post carefully. At today's time, we use mobile phones a lot, therefore, You day and night are connected to the Internet, I can make you tell five of the best ways to Rs online sitting at home today


How to earn money from mobile-

If you want to earn money from mobile then this post will be very useful for you. We see that everybody wants to earn money online. In this post, I will not tell you how to earn money online.

Five ways to earn money-


YouTube is the best way to make money from where you can earn a lot of money. First of all, you will have to create an account on YouTube where you can upload your video to make people entertain and earn a lot of money. You must first complete 4000 hours of watch time and complete 1000 subscribers in 1 year, so that your YouTube channel will be monotize and your ads will appear in videos You will start and the income will start and you can sit well and earn good income.


Mobile Through is another medium for making money from the Internet. Blogging If you are fond of writing articles like News Technology Story Knowledge etc. you can write about yourself or you want to write something else, then blogging for you. The best medium is to earn money in blogging, first you have to create your account and you have to prepare a website here. And if you have to start writing articles on it, your articles are irrelevant, then your visitors will be more than that which will be good enough for you and you can sit well at home and earn some advertisements in your website, If you visit your website and click on any advert, then you will get the money and you sit at home by blogging Gaddafi can be good income to earn money from app

If friends are connected to the internet, then you will know that there are so many applications on the Play Store where you can do an Earning. You can do an excellent job by installing those apps.

4.How to earn money from Facebook

If friends are online on Facebook WhatsApp, you see that there are so many Facebook pages that we get to see and we even love them. Have you ever wondered why people make these pazs Today I will tell you how we can earn money from Facebook. First of all, you have to do a Facebook page, and you will have to post a good post there. C Could Like your page and lets you do a lot of good income from Facebook

5. How to earn money by creating an app -

Friends, you can earn very good money by making applications too. We see that some applications are such that if we install any application from the Play Store, then when an ad starts appearing on them, then these advertisements gives the person Rs. If someone clicks on these aids, then the person who creates his own arning app will be there if you also want to run such a run, you have to make your app and And you have to advertise on it and whose earnings will be yours and you can easily earn money online sitting at home.

How to earn money from android phone we learn here Friends, if you liked this article, then you can give your opinion in the comment below. Thanks for this article.