As you know, when jio was new, its speed was very fast, but gradually when the user went up, its speed slowed down, when jio launched its mobile, its speed was very fast, but now His speed has also slowed for months due to the increase in the number of users when you serch on YouTube,

How to increase the speed of jio net–

How to increse jio speed", you get a lot of video there but that will tell you the way today It works in real. This is my own experience whenever we try to download some songs or videos, it is downloading in a very long time. It is a problem of so much trouble that the 4G speed is so slow downloading that which due to the increase of users.
In today's article I'm going to tell how Geo can increase the speed of the net, so read this article carefully so that I will tell you some important tricks to increase the speed of Jio

1)Using by vpn
*best vpn

2)changing apn setting
You can also increase the speed of Internet by using VPN, for that you must first download a VPN from Google Play Store, after downloading it, you have to open it and then select any country you want to connect to it. Once you have selected any country, the speed of your jio net will be automatically fast, but whenever you select any country, you have to be careful to connect to vpn. You do not have to forget to clear clear browsing data cookie history and your jio net speed will be boosted,
Another way is to change the settings of APN as well as increase the speed of the space, for that you need to go to the APN settings first.
and you have to change something like that-

apn protocol-ipv4/ipv6
apn roaming protocle-ipv4/ipv6
After changing this setting, you have to switch off your mobile and then have to open it, after which your speed will increase and you can enjoy fastest speed of Geo Net,
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