you ever knowingly download some such applications in your mobile phone that you do not like, which causes your mobile to hang and some viruses come in your mobile and you do not use your mobile properly If you want to avoid downloading this idle app, then you should read this post carefully because in this post I have mentioned how we can use our mobile You can remove the idle and delete the application of useless. In today's era, the application has made our work very easy. There is such an application that makes us work very well and there are some applications from which we have some It can also be easier to send messages like to someone, but there is some such application which is not good for our mobile and that the virus enters our mobile Eti should we measure to avoid the application of this I this1. Avoid App DownloadingIn today's growing era, you are forced to install some apps but there are some applications that prove to be very helpful for us. Some advertisements are also voted for us to install the application such as when If we buy a new smartphone then there are some applications in it which are not of our work, they are installed in it for no reason

2. Why should not we install apps

How to protect mobile being hang?
more applications, store more applications, your mobile can be hang, and there are plenty of extra-crude stuffing open, and your smartphone's speed gets reduced and your phone starts hanging instead The best solution is to delete the application that you do not use, only install the application which is your task. Is

3. Clean data and clear app to increase the speed of the phone.

One of the reasons here too is that when we use any application repeatedly, the applications run in your back ground, which increases the likelihood of your mobile hanging, so for this, you will be able to clear data and clear Catch data should be done so that the speed of your cell phone will be immediately corrected, as in today's era many people use Facebook WhatsApp Instagram, etc.It 
saves a lot of storage of your file and your mobile speed gets slowed

4.Avoid downloading the App Launcher 

whenever we download an App Launcher in our mobile so that our background image setting changes Do not install such apps because it fills up the memory of our mobile and slows the speed of our mobile, then install such apps Mitigation Avoid

5.Removing preloded application from mobile phone

Whenever we buy a new smartphone, our mobile already has some applications that are unavailable in our mobile such as shopping application flight ticket applications, such applications should be removed from us as this application is currently available in our mobile Slows down the speed and fills up our memory because we do not use it if we do not use them.