The brain that means brain is the most important part of our body, so that we can control our entire body. If your brain is very sharp, then you can never be behind. You will be ahead in every work because your brain is the fastest Some people's mind is not too sharp, so many times they forget things, but some people whose brains are very fast, their memory is very fast If they remember everything quickly, then today we will read in this article how to make your mind sharp, how can they make their mind sharp in the education of children so that they remember everything they read.
If your mind is very fast and you are sharp in studies then you can become a successful person in your life and everybody will respect you. Whatever you read, you will remember for a long time and never talk to you. Learn how to give the right answer to that thing that stepped up its mind to create 
Some Ways to Speed ​​Up the Mind

Some Ways to Speed ​​Up the Mind

if you do not know what we eat and drink it in order to speed up our minds If you eat a healthy food then your brain will be in control and you can better increase your memory power. But if you have stale food or some other food that can damage our brain and we can get sick And we also have the memory that we lose Because if your body is okay then your brain will also work properly. What is the list of what to eat in order to sharpen the 

tips for sharp your mind

1.should we eat to sharpen our minds should eat green vegetables, our brain the speeds 
2.eggs and meat to eat as there are not too much vitamins which help in speeding up our minds dry fruits in a chord When receiving vitamin and contain many nutrients that help to accelerate our minds 
4.dark chocolate eaten it helps bleeding us fruit because it contains too much vitamin and calcium is 

what things we should eat 

1.dont eat spicy food

2.we should not drink alcohol or consume alcohol daily 
3.junk should not eat food 

we should regularly exercise 

to daily exercise our body and mind are both right because it is rubbish that our brain was centered in mind And our brain starts to function like a body and it also keeps other parts of our body well. Ojana gym should be and every morning should Suryanamaskars 

We should play brain games

that you play games prefer you can Brain Games for free time, which is exercise our brain 

like Puzzle , Snake ladder and others Exercise our brains help you 

listen songs in spare time

Everyday we should listen to music in the free time. The brain which our brain gets is refreshing, and the fatigue which exhausted our body helps us to reduce it, as if we ever studied more and more, we started to feel a bit tired so let us have your mind should keep calm and listen to songs in us free time to her for some time 

we should sleep in sufficient quantity

in a lot of people very They do not have the time to sleep and if there is a person less then there is tension in his body, so that his mind also stops working, for this, we should take adequate sleep so that our mind is also calm And our brain will work well