Whenever we hear the computer's name, we have many thoughts in our mind because we can easily do any work by this computer because the computer can easily do hundreds of work in 1 minute, it will be difficult to put the computer in words because Every person does the work of the computer differently, somehow somehow somehow the computer works differently for every person.

If you ask a child playing a game, what is a computer, then it will answer that the computer is a gaming machine and if you ask the same question with some typewriter, he will say that there is a machine or that's why we do not speak the computer in a definition We can speak computers in an infinite way, the definition of computer is different for every person

What is computer and defination of computer–

Computer is a machine computed with the Latin language compute which means to calculate here is an electronic device that can easily do any work which accepts various data in the form of input and the help of the output device Exchanges information with

The term computer means to be counted in Hindi, then we can also call the computer to calculate the computer, it would be wrong to say the machine connecting the computer because the computer can do a lot of work together in a very short time, computer full form it occurs


 introduction of computer-

कंप्यूटर क्या है-what is computer?
You know the definition of computer but
Now the computer has to know the introduction of the computer. It does a lot of work, but it does not do all its work, the computer needs a lot of parts, which is shipped to me about the different parts of the shoftware and hardware computer.

Monitor– Monitor is an output tool in which we can see our programs and results, the size of the monitor is exactly like the TV, but nowadays people use LEDs and LCDs instead of the monitor because it is easy to carry, so we can take it anywhere Can go

Keyboard- Here is the most important part of the computer with the help of which we can show the data on the monitor. It has different types of keys, so that we can write anything on the monitor

Mouse- Mouse is an input tool with the help of which we choose computer programs

Printer-The printer is an output tool with the help of different data from the computer printed in a paper. With this help we can print the computer information in paper.

Syster unit-The system unit is also called a CPU, it is the brain of the computer that looks like a box, it has a motherboard and processor etc. It has a computer control.

Speakers-With the help of the speaker, we can listen to the computer's voice and with its help we can hear the sound of the songs from our computer.

What did you learn?

This article I have learned that what a computer is and how many parts of it and how it works