how to create a beautiful site and what is blogging you will get your all answer from this article so read carefully this article.

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    What is blogging?

What is blogging?

What is blogging and how to become blogger We will show you through this article  What is the blogging? Who says the blog? What is a blog? Why do people become blogs? Why do people blogging? What do we benefit from the blog?so To get answers to all these questions, read this post carefully, we will be happy to give you full information about the blogging.

The blog is where consistently, consistently or something new is educated, there is a new post refresh each day, consistently. Online journals are a kind of individual page that is composed like a journal. Their subjects can be typical and even exceptional. Each blog can contain a few articles, some photographs, and a few recordings. As indicated by Hindi dialect, the blog is called "Chittha". The word 'blog' was first worded by Indian blogger Alok Kumar, which has now turned out to be famous in Hindi world over the Internet. "Chit" has now been incorporated by Google in its lexicon/word reference.

What is a blog and what is called a blog-

The blog is an English word that is a short name type of the word Weblog. The weblog name was given by Jorn Berger in 1997, which was later called Merholz's short name in 1999, which is well known with the name today, individuals know by this name, and this word has turned out to be prominent on the web. 

Companions, you should realize that individuals used to compose, offer, or offer daisies, magazines, their proposals or some essential things, around 20 years back, i.e., around 20 years prior or prior. In the present current age, individuals get a kick out of the chance to compose on the Internet, compose web journals, share it. This is known as a blog. The blog can be composed at any point. The blogger is likewise called blogger and the work that goes on the blog is called blogging.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Generally, there is no harm to us by blogging or blogging,

Rather, Benefits are Benefits from Blogs. Some points are given in this way here.

• the blog is a way where you get some new information. You learn it and teach it too.

• we Can create your identity in the Internet world by

• sharing your knowledge with each other i.e. writing articles in the blog, we can earn money from the blog too.

• creating a blog is very easy, we do not require technical knowledge or coding information to create a simple blog. 

• Blogs can be written in any language. There is no stoppage in it. 

• The blog is such a place where you can reach out to thousands of people in your time in a short time. 

• The blog is such a place where you can reach out to thousands of people in your time in a short time. 

• no technical education is required to create a blog, the blog can make any mango person. 

• the biggest thing is that blogging does not reduce your knowledge, but knowledge grows.

Best sites for making websites-

Wordpress:- WordPress is additionally around the world, WordPress' administration is free and paid as well. On the off chance that you make a blog in the free administration then it is like a blogger however in the event that you utilize paid administration then it turns out to be ground-breaking by the blogger. This is a CMS content administration framework. It is anything but difficult to utilize. It was first discharged on May 27, 2003, by its organizer Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Blogger- blogging is best Platform for making website where we can make easily beautiful and attractive website where we do not need purchasing anything because blogger is connected to the Google here we not need any plugins like WordPress blogger is the best for making any site like movie sites, technical site, selling site anything you want to do make you can do in blogger.

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